In these unprecedented times we have all been pushed into many different roles personally and professionally. 
Many of us have “new” job duties due COVID-19. Have you wondered what new roles your fellow EH&S colleagues have been doing since the pandemic started?
Wonder no more: the Southern California American Industrial Hygiene Association (SCAIHA) will be hosting a COVID-19 Roundtable on Sept 10 from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM to showcase a few our colleagues new/expanded roles.
    ·     Mary Anne Messiha, MPH, CIH, CSP, CPH, will be presenting on "Bridging the Gap in COVID-19 Response", the IH's Role in the Response and Tools
    ·     Michelle Stewart, MPH,CIH,  will be presenting on the implementation of COVID-19 strategies in the Workplace, Lessons Learned Thus Far
    ·     Jim Kapin, MPH, CIH, CSP, will be presenting on the “Development of Safe and Effective Coronavirus Disinfection and Decontamination Techniques”.
    ·     David Beadle, CIH, CSP, will be discussing Large-Scale COVID19 Response for Essential & Critical Infrastructure.

This Roundtable will be presented via the Zoom platform. Each session will have time for questions . For SCAIHA members this Roundtable discussion is “Free”. For non-members the cost is $25. 
Please click here: to go to Eventbrite to register for the event.